Sunday, 29 March 2015

International study in America


American University System:

In the United States, higher education part of college, at the end of high school (our school) and then follow three steps to "Ph. D. "(Philosophiae Doctor), the qualification more qualified, which corresponds to the doctorate.
After graduation, students have access to courses at under graduate level who have two-year or four-year. The first two years are preliminary and are the last of specialization.

The qualification granted by the college is the "Bachelor" ("Bachelor of arts" for the humanities, "Bachelor of Science" for scientific ones, or "Bachelor's degree" for the administration, architecture, jurisprudence, pedagogy and so on). The real specialization is the "master's degree", the license necessary for access to many professions (such as surgeon, dentist, lawyer, architect, engineer).

Essential condition to attend university in the United States is the knowledge of the language that will be assessed through the TOEFL (Test of Inglese as a Foreign Language), the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or the Standard Achievement Test, which is good to sign up with a year in advance.


Choose the university 12-18 months before
Exceed 12 months before admission test
Require the application form before 12 months
Send the application form 8-9 months before
Accept the offer of admission 3-4 months before

Economic Importance Of Chemistry

The chemical industry is - especially in Germany - a very important sector: In Germany, sales of the chemical industry is in excess of 100 billion euros, the number of employees was after the reunification of Germany at about 700,000 and is now fallen below 500,000.

It provides on the one hand basic chemicals such as sulfuric acid or ammonia forth often. In quantities of millions of tons per year, which they then used for example for the production of fertilizers and plastics On the other hand, the chemical industry produces many complex substances, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (drugs) and pesticides (pesticides), tailored for specific applications. The production of computers, fuels and lubricants for the automotive industry and many other technical products is impossible without industrially produced chemicals.