Sunday, 22 February 2015

Study At Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is not only a place to be visited by tourists as it is an educational center that brings together people from around the world. It houses some of the best universities in Asia and the world, thanks to international standards that keep these institutions. Each year, an increasing amount of foreign students arriving for higher education courses, from neighboring nations and not so close. Here, we describe the procedures that must be performed to request a student visa in that region:

1. Get a sponsor

Before applying, you must nominate a local sponsor; which may be the school that admitted you as a student, or a person over 18 who is a resident of Hong Kong and financially able to support you throughout the race. In such a scenario, you must complete and fill a "Statement of Financial Sponsor"; and your parents / guardians must authorize sponsorship, especially if you're still underage.

2. Fill out the necessary forms

The visa applicant must complete the form ID 995A, while the sponsor does the same with the 995B ID. Both can be downloaded online through the website:, or sought in the following offices:

Immigration Department Headquarters
Immigration Division of the Office of Government of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HKSAR) in Beijing
Immigration Branches
Chinese Diplomatic and Consular Missions Abroad
Economic and Trade Office in Hong Kong in Guangdong

3. Attach these documents

Transcripts, awards and certificates
Photocopy of your admission letter issued by a university in Hong Kong, and your letter of acceptance to the specific course
Photocopy of the travel document containing personal data, issue date, expiration date and / or details of previous visas (if applicable)
A passport size photograph
Test your financial situation, as grants obtained, bank statements, passbooks, etc. The minimum required amount of money is $ 120,000 Hong Kong or the equivalent in any foreign currency
Photocopy of academic results
Photocopy of other qualifications such as IELTS or TOEFL tests
Photocopy of identity card or equivalent
Photocopy of passport
Visa Application Forms and Sponsorship Declaration duly completed
Copy of notice of telegraphic transfer / receipt

4. Submission requirements

Do it directly to the Chinese Embassy in your country of residence. Anyway, look for more information on the local website of the agency.

5. Wait for confirmation

Once your application is received by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong (HKID) will have to wait about two months for the reply. If yes, you will be notified by email where you will indicate where withdraw the visa label.

Cash Accounting


Cash (accounting)

The fund represents cash that the company has. The cash is an asset account that measures changes in cash during the year and the amount at the end of the year.

Types of cash in accounting

1 Issues in cash
2 Using the cash account
2.1 Finance and cash
2.2 Cash accounting

Issues of the body

The cash account is used to represent the value of cash. It has the characteristic of not affecting a particular recipe to a particular expense. This is the principle fund unit. An analysis of this particular check the nature of the cash flows in order to check possible abuse of corporate assets, flights ...

The advantage of a cash only basis is objectivity since there are no charges and calculated products.

The fund is available in the balance sheet as well as bank accounts and certain securities. The fund is therefore a basic part of the cash flow of the company. This account does not require restatement in the construction of functional assessment or cash tables. An effective way to analyze the fund is to achieve a cash flow budget.