Saturday, 7 February 2015

Magnetic Flux


In physics, in particular in the magnetism, the magnetic flux is the magnetic flux through a surface, a scalar that depends on the angle of incidence of the field lines, the value of the magnetic permeability and the area of the surface itself. Is often referred to in the formulas with the Greek letter \ Phi_B, and the SI unit is the Wb. It is a quantity that appears in many areas of electromagnetism, for example, the change of magnetic flux through the surface bounded by a closed electrical circuit causes the appearance of an electromotive force in the circuit (Faraday's law).

it is possible to determine for each of these component B_ \ perp of the magnetic field vector B perpendicular to the surface at the position of the card in question. It is therefore B_ \ perp = B \ cos \ alpha, where \ alpha indicates the angle between \ B and the surface normal. In general, this component varies for each point of the surface.



"Entrepreneur" is a word that began to be used more than ten years and contained a large number of qualities. Being an entrepreneur is beyond or may not have their own business (made or planned), is a way of being, feeling, living and course work.

The employee-entrepreneur (intrapreneur) is in reality an entrepreneur: he searched frequently occupy a leadership position. It can be judged climber; but he's just ambitious and responds to an inner need to grow. You want to decide, do, teach, produce, get. He is enthusiastic and awake each day plagued by dreams materialize.

This type of partner in a company makes a fine contribution in their field of work because it assumes as its own and works to improve the environment with ideas and energy, since it is generally automotiva with relative ease.

Having the project, resources and planning, is only the beginning of a company, but are nothing without him who he conceived and give life. Images can be the same, people who carry out make the difference.

And as the opportunity arises, he will be a willing employee to dump their energy in some way, will surely be the other.

Your boss will feel no need to ask endeavor because it is advanced in ideas and innovations, often arrive early or leave late, and holidays generates new contributions to implement them to return.

Sometimes these characters are lost by not letting them create and believe which can work in the company own-like. Perhaps jealousy, competition or fear of being overtaken. Because it is in constant motion: he wants to learn, improve, innovate.

This kind of talent is gerenciable in a very different way. They are very emotional people, and as such react by emotion. But they feel that they are respected and paid even from recognition. They are much more resistant to adverse conditions or crises in companies employees because their motivation lies within them.

But for this very reason, rely more on themselves and know able to get another job. Dependent and feel them, which is not random or circumstantial.

We all know someone with these characteristics. They write their stories in books or are told by enthusiastic biographers. They appear in our lives from time to time to tell us: "Come on, wake up, you'll do if you really want!".

Some are well and is easy resources to develop themselves. In other sleep this entrepreneur one day, from within, will tell you that you can do better. And there are those who do not. Although nothing is impossible for humans, and therefore one can be proposed if so ever, this is not the only way to proceed.

It's just a way of being. Because they are the entertainers and spectators, and both parts are essential for there to show.

What it is undeniable is that the show offered by these "actors" of life do we continue believing in human strength, even when we thought we had lost all hope. Because to succeed need only one thing: to themselves !!