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The Helium Gas


Helium is a colorless, odorless gas. It is tasteless and non-toxic. Since it has a higher speed of sound in comparison to normal air, it is carelessly sometimes inhaled to produce a voice.

Helium is one of the so-called noble gases - not because it is particularly valuable - but because these substances can hardly enter into chemical compounds and one can avoid surprises so in their use. This is known as a typical reaction inertia, resulting in the use as a protective gas results in the industry. Neon and xenon also belong to the group of the noble gases.

Helium is obtained primarily from natural gas. With up to 7%, it is one of the main components of this valuable commodity. However, it also arises from the decay of radioactive substances such as uranium.

One cubic meter of helium has a mass of about 180 grams under normal conditions. Air is 7 times heavier. Since helium is lighter than air, it rises upward accordingly.

Helium gas is also a natural choice for filling balloons and airships, because it is not flammable. What, in contrast with hydrogen can happen Ballonf├╝llgas, showed not least the "Hindenburg disaster," when in 1937 the so-called Zeppelin in the landing caught fire and burst into flames within seconds.

There are now even for laymen and private consumers easy-to-use helium bottles with special valves for filling balloons and foil balloon. This is a very special party insert anything in the way.

MBA At Uiversity of London

universty of london

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs are post graduate in management, in their own league. The MBA is the offer traditional academic for management education. It is often condensed as MBA and its opposite Master of Science (MSc) and Master of Arts (MA) is certainly a point in a program only.

Having a Master in Tourism gives you a great advantage in reaching managerial positions in the tourism industry. You get to be part of the leaders of the coveted tourism industry. This MBA equips you with the analytical and critical decision-making skills emphasizing on strategy and management, as well as the conceptual skills in the tourism sector.

UK is more than 300 years and is divided into four constituent nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK has been a center of learning for the last 1000 years and has many ancient and distinguished universities. Foreign students represent a significant portion of the student body at universities in the United Kingdom.

London is the capital of the UK, the most populous region and where the royal family lives. It has the largest concentration of higher education in Europe, with 412,000 students from 43 universities.

The Potential Energy

potintial energy

The potential energy is the energy, which is defined by its current configuration in itself or its position in a force field will. The SI unit of potential energy is the joule (symbol J unit). A body may, depending on its location,
 For example, a gravitational field or an electric field have different potential energy.

Potential energy is, for example, the energy that a body has its elevated location: If a stone falls from height of 20 meters, it has double the capacity for work than at 10 meter height of fall. During If the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy or other forms of energy and reduced. In hydro power plants can convert potential energy of the water of a reservoir into electrical energy.

Like other forms of energy, the potential energy is a state variable of a physical system. In a closed system, the potential energy as conditions change while increasing or decreasing, such as displacement of the body, at its height, change or excitation of an atom by radiation. Because of the principle of conservation of energy then takes but another form of energy (eg. As kinetic energy, electric field energy) to the same extent from.

First Landing on The Moon


Since December 1972, no one has walked on the moon. Among the first steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon and those of his compatriot Eugene Cernan three years later, only twelve astronauts have had the privilege of treading an alien soil ... And yet, the "giant leap for mankind "fire Neil Armstrong was the beginning of an era when travel and distant conquests were becoming commonplace. And for good reason! The feat Armstrong and her fellow Apollo 11 had taken place thirteen years after the putting into orbit the first artificial satellite - Sputnik in 1957 - and sixty-six years after the first flight of the Wright brothers. Progress were to continue at this pace.

"NASA wants to see beyond. So that as if seized with enthusiasm, officials say the next step in human space exploration must be a landing on Mars, Space Administration has signed its first contracts for the construction of a space station and the establishment of a shuttle system between Earth and space, "wrote Le Monde on the front page, July 26, 1969. the case was heard: from to Step outside of our country and stay would be as simple as taking a plane. Since then, hundreds of astronauts have certainly left Earth for a few days or a few months; more recently, wealthy tourists could imitate them. But never again exceeded the suburbs of the Earth.

What has happened since? Of course, one of the motivations of Americans, the Cold War was to outdo the Soviets after they have blown past their politeness putting Sputnik into orbit. This rivalry between the two blocs allowed to pass to the opinion of the public spending huge money although they were justified by the major technological advances that have resulted from the conquest of space.

Return to the Moon, Mars or conquer venture on an asteroid undoubtedly bring a lot of new discoveries that have their utility for the common man - NASA has listed, as recalled by a Swiss scientist on his blog. By initiating the Constellation program in 2004, George W. Bush launched a new era of space exploration to Mars in sight via the Moon. Alas, the economic crisis is over there and his successor as head of the United States had to abandon the project.

The time is realpolitik. We hardly talk about "space race" but to "exploration". And the exploration of a part of the universe is now done remotely. The latest example, the first laps of Curiosity on Mars. A project to 2 billion euros against 98 billion for the Apollo program. The probe is already at work, transmitting fantastic images with Earthlings we are, so that we always fear the effects of a round trip of 500 days to the Red Planet on the body and mind of a team of astronauts.

The cost of Curiosity Mars rover launched in August, compared to other space exploration programs.
Nevertheless, other nations are already in position to send in turn, men - and without doubt, the first woman - to the moon. To this end, China has already sent two probes (Chang'e 1 and 2) around our satellite. The next step is planned for 2013: Chang'e 3 mission should include the landing of a module responsible for scientific analysis.

This will be the first moon landing in China, which is gearing up to establish itself as a member of the exclusive club of space powers. A subsequent mission provides, for its part, the return of a lunar probe on Earth. The program is then supposed to culminate in sending men to the moon.

Study At Australia


To go to study in Australia at one of Australia's schools or the various prestigious universities in Australia you need to gather a lot of information.

To study in Australia you must have a student visa (student visa for Australia), which may include the entire family of the applicant (spouse / partner and children). Visas for study are temporary visas.

The duration of the visa to Australia for study varies depending on the length of the chosen course.
With the support of our advice will be easy to quickly find all the necessary information on what you need to do to apply for a student visa to Australia.

You can apply for the student visa (student visa Australia) if you already have 16 years and if you intend to follow English courses in Australia (such as General Ingles, courses for IELTS or Cambridge, Business Ingles, Ingles Academic ...); study at a university in Australia to achieve a bachelor, masters or phd in Australia or attend professional courses in Australia.

To request the student visa Australia you must be in possession of the Confirmation of enrollment (COE), the document certifying the enrollment complete with information on the duration of the studies, which must at least 12 weeks and not exceed 50.

Before starting it is advisable to request activation of health coverage. It is not automatically included with the student visa (student visa Australia).