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Study Visa For Japan

study in japan

The procedure to obtain a visa to study Japanese is quite long and is therefore to be started well in advance. First you need to enroll in a college or a school that is located in Japan. This institute then proceeds with the request for a Certificate of Eligibility in favor of the student to the Authority for the Japanese immigration. Serve between 60 and 90 days for the certificate to be issued and mailed to the address provided by the student. At this point the student can go to one of the Japanese consulate in Italy to apply for a visa, which must attach the following documents.

Documents required:

Passport valid for at least six months

A passport photo

Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Authority for the Japanese Immigration

visa application form.

Dipole Moment

dipole moment

In magneto statics the magnetic dipole magnet is obtained considering a coil of dimensions crossed by electric current. This is the first term in the multipole expansion of the magnetic field.

The size that characterizes mainly a magnetic dipole is the magnetic moment, which quantifies the tendency of the dipole to orientate in a given direction in the presence of an external magnetic field

It is a model equivalent to two opposite magnetic charges rigidly connected, in analogy with the electric dipole. Is realized by decreasing the size of a loop traversed by electric current, while maintaining constant the magnetic moment and taking the limit in which the area of the loop is zero.

The magnetic dipole is the simplest case of a 2p-pole, where 2p is the number of pole pairs, which for the magnetic Gauss's law is an integer. It is a useful schematization of the influence of a magnetic field on the coils very small current is passed through, and it is therefore used as part of the phenomenology of magnetism in the matter through classic atomic models (such as those of Rutherford and Bohr), through the 'introduction of atomic currents due to the motion of the electrons and currents caused by the Larmor precession of the orbit of these.

Discoveries Of Marconi


Marconi, born into a wealthy family from father and Irish mother Emilia, had schooling very irregular; a mixture of private tutors-teachers took turns to regular school, which are always popular with little profit, with the result that in twenty years had not generated any diploma.

In August 1895, after a series of positive results, Marconi sends his brother, accompanied by a farmer, in a farmhouse mail, over a hill, over a kilometer from the villa Griffone where Marconi did his experiments; is known to all the legend of the rifle shot (however, it seems that it was never fired) [10] that crowned the success of the first transmission between two points of sight between them.

Marconi offered his invention to the Minister of Posts and Telegraphs, on. Sinco, the answer to which was so doubtful as to require a new meeting of our little family council." then decided to go, accompanied by his mother, England (February 1896). Marconi's mother, who had many friends in London, managed to get her son by chief of the department of Post telegraphic English. 

Marconi was perfectly conscious of having put in place an invention whose reflections were prominent commercial and then June 2, 1896 introduced the Patent Office in London the question of patent Wireless Telegraphy which was released the following year. In the same year he founded the Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company Ltd and continued in experiments by improving the equipment and allowing them to make connections between places more and more distant from each other.

In July 1897, the Minister of the Navy invites Italian Marconi in Italy that will perform a series of experiments in front of groups of engineers and scientists and before King Umberto and Queen. It 'a triumph, in just over a year the name of Marconi is popular; is now a famous man, rich and on the crest of success. In La Spezia aboard R.N. San Martino makes transmissions at a distance of 18 km; then back to London where Lloyds ask him to install transmitters in all their stations on vessels is the first big deal of Wireless Telegraph.

Now the Telegraphy without Wires (TSF) has become a reality in all countries of the world. In France Doucette makes a connection between the Eiffel Tower and the Pantheon (just over four kilometers) with equipment built on projects of Russian AS Popov. 

The Methane Gas


Methane (Greek methy wine, and -ano suffix) 2 is the simplest alkane hydrocarbon with the chemical formula CH

Each of the hydrogen atoms bonded to carbon is through a covalent bond. Is a non-polar substance in the form of gas at ordinary temperatures and pressures. It is colorless, odorless and insoluble in water.

In nature, it occurs as an end product of anaerobic plant putrefaction. This natural process can be exploited to produce biogas. Many anaerobic microorganisms is generated using the CO2 as a final electron acceptor.

Constitute up to 97% natural gas. In the coal mine gas is called and is very dangerous because it is highly flammable and explosive. However in recent decades has become important commercial exploitation of methane gas from coal as an energy source.

Methane is a relatively potent greenhouse gas effect that contributes to global warming of planet Earth as it has a global warming potential 23.3 This means that in a time measurement of 100 years every kg of CH4 warms the earth 23 times the same mass of CO2, however there are approximately 220 times more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Earth methane so that methane contributes least to greenhouse manner.

Fleming's Right Hand Rule

right hand rule

Is a method for determining vector directions, and is based on the Cartesian planes.
It is used in two ways: to address vector and linear movements and movements and rotational directions.

In electromagnetism, the right hand rule states that if extends his right hand on the driver as the outstretched fingers follow the direction of the current, the thumb at right angles to the fingers indicate the direction of movement of the pole north of a magnetic needle.

The field created by the electric current through a straight conductor as any magnetic field, is composed of lines which are arranged in the form of concentric circles arranged in planes perpendicular to the conductor.

Thus, when rotating a corkscrew or screw "to the right" (in the sense of the hands of a clock) or screw corkscrew "advances" and vice versa, when rotated a corkscrew or screw "to the left "(as opposed to clockwise) or screw corkscrew" retreat ".