Thursday, 7 May 2015

History Of Electrochemistry

History of electrochemistry

The history of electrochemistry has seen a succession of many milestones in the course of its evolution, often correlated with the development of different branches of chemistry and physics: it takes in fact originated from the discovery of the principles of magnetism at the beginning of the XVI and XVII century and continues up to the theories on the conductivity and transport of electric charge.

The term relates to the study of electrochemical processes in which processing takes place of chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa.

This term was used during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, referring to an area mainly theoretical, relegated to the research laboratory; with the passing of time this term has acquired a further meaning application, thanks to the multiple applications of the theories of electrochemistry (also in commercial applications), including: the batteries, accumulators, fuel cells, the development of methods to prevent the corrosion of metals, refining techniques through electrolysis and the development of electroanalytical methods (such as voltammetry, amperometry and the electrophoresis).