Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Study Visa For Egypt


The Egyptian government said that the new procedure does not begin on 15 May, but at a date to be decided in the coming months. Will notify you as soon as possible the new dates.

From May 15 will be more difficult to go to see the pyramids and overwinter on the Red Sea. And 'these days, in fact, the news that the Egyptian government has decided to close the company's policy on visas. If you obtained before arrival at the airport with the payment of $ 25, a few months individual travelers must apply in advance to the diplomatic missions around Italy and the world, even if the bureaucratic details are not yet known.

A decision that could significantly affect the Egyptian tourism sector which today represents 11.3% of the economy of the North African country. Although Reuters spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Abdelatty Badr, said that "nothing will change for tourist groups, who may continue to obtain a visa on arrival." And organized groups still constitute the majority of arrivals in the country.

A few years ago the same decision had lasted three days, but now the government's choice of Cairo seems destined to last. The region of this change in visa policy lies in the need expressed by the Egyptian government to be able to have more control over who enters the country given the current political situation in the Sinai region, where for months are under constant attacks by Islamist militias .

Egypt in recent years has experienced a swing in the arrival of foreign tourists: if in 2010, the last year of the Mubarak era were 14.7 million, a year later had fallen to 9.8, to go up a little in 2012, 11.5 million, and fall to about 10 million in 2013. The tourism minister, Khaled Ramy, said in recent days to Reuters that the country hopes to reach 20 million arrivals by 2020. But certainly this decision will not help growth.