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Study System in Australia

Study System in Australia

Australia is a federation in which each state is independent and has its own Ministry of Education, so each territory is authorized to operate in a different way. For example, the degree of maturity in NSW is called HSC (High School Certificate), while in Victoria is called VCE (Victoria Certificate of Education) .. We will however try to bring us back to the standards of the system.

Australia has one of the best educational systems in the world and an excellent international reputation for the standards that guarantee. Education is recognized as an essential pillar for the whole of Australia and every year the government invests billions of dollars in the development of the school system and in university research. Today, all the services offered by the schools are designed and organized to meet the needs of the student, so that his training and staff is the best .. And all this at a lower cost than other English-speaking countries! But the most significant is that graduates in Australian universities are easily found work in their area of study, both in Australia and abroad.

Secondary Education:

Includes 7 to 12th school year (usually students from 12/13 to 17/18 years). At the end of Year 12, you get the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE), certificate whose name varies depending on the state of Australia. During the Year 11 and 12, are conducted VET courses, known as Certificate I and II.

Tertiary Education in Australia

The qualifications of the school system are classified by the government through the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Australia offers two academic courses: the sector Vocational Education and Training (TAFE and RTO) issuing Vocational Graduate Certificates and Vocational Graduate Diplomas, and Universities that release Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas (Higher Education). The details in the table:

Diploma and Advanced Diploma

The Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs in Australia prepare on complex theories and practical elements in a wide variety of technical roles or management.

Educational institution: TAFE or private educational institutions.
Duration: two to three years.
Prerequisites: typically a Certificate IV in the field of study; Some courses may require work experience also proven expertise in specific subjects.
Es. Diploma in Business and Advanced Diploma in Business: prepare students for positions as "supervisor" in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing, Management and Administration, or for post-secondary professional.

Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor's degree prepare students for professional careers or courses of postgraduate study in Australia and provide an excellent preparation depth in the academic or professional. Apart from the basic materials, is the student to choose the area (major) who want to delve into his path. In Australia, the offer is extensive and includes among others: Professional Degree, Double Degree, Graduate Entry Degree and Honours Degree.

Master's Degree

The Master in Australia prepare students for advanced knowledge and skills in the area of study chosen. In detail:

Coursework Master: includes course work, project work and research. Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree or Graduate diploma.
Professional Master: includes practical projects based on the professional position. Prerequisites: senior positions in the area and proven professional experience.
Research Master: includes research projects and its thesis. Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree or Master's preliminary year or Graduate Diploma or relevant research experience.
Educational institution: University or other private entities and qualified to deliver Master.
Duration: usually two years.

Doctoral Degree

The Doctoral Degree in Australia are of two types: research and professional; both prepare students to knowledge and skills at the highest levels in the study area chosen. In detail:

Research Doctorate: research supervised by tutors. Prerequisite: Master's degree or Bachelor Honours degree.
Professional Doctorate: professional practice, research and work in the classroom. Prerequisite: Master's degree or Bachelor Honours degree.