Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Study At U S A


Since this month Thinkinlaw Law Firm, based in Chicago, will help periodically sending some articles on topics of legal type. The first article provides a general overview of the different categories of visas for the USA.

Recently the charm inherent in the concept of the "American dream" has changed significantly. The economic miracle of emerging markets and the opportunities they offer - even at the cultural level - become, increasingly, a phenomenon that can arouse the interest of young people (and not) emigrants from our own, while the economic and financial crisis that has affected the US has somehow helped to curb the enthusiasm of someone else already 'ready to go. However the United States, for many reasons, are still the country that more than others is the goal and point of landing of immigrants.

What follows is a very broad and general overview of the main categories of visas to USA, cataloged according to the purpose for which you want to enter (and / or live) in the United States. Please note that this is not a complete list of all the options for a visa, but a description of the main categories that aims to be exhaustive anyway.