Saturday, 4 April 2015



Industry is all engaged in the production of goods of economic interest with massive criterion (against which differs from crafts), beginning as a transformation of raw materials into semi-finished or finished products. It falls in the secondary sector of the economy.

The term derives from the Latin industry (-a), which can mean hard work, work, ingenuity, diligence, and which in turn comes from endo- (inside) and -struo (build). The term is also used to indicate a process which, starting from a product called the "first" (raw) it produces a "second" (artifact) with added value.

The main aim of the industry is to produce the best and the best cost / benefit of the goods requested. In economics represents all sectors of a system responsible for the production of goods and services on a large scale, using studies and / or contributions mainly produced by scholars of industrial economics and business economics.

According to the traditional economy, the product of the industry is also termed "good secondary" compared to the "primary good" of agriculture and the "tertiary" services, recently developed. The industry is divided into several sectors, each with its own specialization and is constantly changing, adapting each time to the needs of the consumer and new production technologies.

The aim of the industry is to produce the best cost / benefit ratio, which in economic terms means with maximum profit for your money: and this is the vocation of the industry that does not always coincide with that of the territory. In a system of command economy industry, released by the logic of profit, can be addressed to the fullest. The industries in fact bring jobs both directly and in related but need strong infrastructure, and to build an industrial site you must do before a feasibility study.

The added value, in short, is what the production process through technology gives, transforming the raw product into a finished product, ready to be introduced in the chain of distribution. Ultimately, the industry is an organized system to produce wealth, constituted precisely by the added value.