Friday, 10 April 2015

Galileo Thermometer


The ampoule having a neutral buoyancy (center) with the 24th sheet shows the temperature.
Galileo thermometer is a thermometer comprising a glass tube containing a liquid with a higher coefficient of expansion than the water.1 and a set of blown glass ampules dipped in it.

With increasing temperature, the density of the blisters is almost constant, but not the liquid, which decreases significantly. This change alters the buoyant density of the blisters. Blister position that indicates this temperature neutral buoyancy.

Its indications are limited to a relatively small temperature range. To indicate a temperature of 18-26 ° C with an accuracy of ± 2 ° C, the device must contain at least five blisters. In addition to the low accuracy, high heat capacity makes it impossible to observe sudden changes in temperature.