Friday, 6 March 2015

Types Of Business

Business Service

Business Service

Are dedicated to servicing business, whether an individual or other businesses.

Examples of service businesses are restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, spas, gyms, medical centers, law firms, engineering studies, travel agencies, real estate agencies, construction , banks, financial, insurance, transport companies, schools, consultancies, clothing shops, repair shops, etc.

Production or manufacturing business

Are dedicated to the transformation of raw materials into final products or supplies business.

Examples of production businesses are automobile factories, furniture factories, mills appliances, textile mills, etc.

Business extraction

Are dedicated to the extraction of natural resources business.

Business Examples are the mining extraction, fisheries, timber companies, oil companies, livestock enterprises, etc.

Business retail (retail)

Are dedicated to buying products in quantity, and then sell retail to the public business.

These businesses usually have a physical store where inventory is stored, and shelves where they offer and promote products.

Examples of retail businesses are clothing stores, hardware stores, warehouses, bazaars, pharmacies, appliance stores, parts stores, etc.

Business wholesales (wholesale)

They are businesses that act as intermediaries between business production and business of retail; buy their products in quantity to the first, then also sell them in quantity to the latter.

Examples sales business wholesales are distributors of beverages, food distributors, distributors of building materials, etc.