Thursday, 12 March 2015

Business Partnership


The partnership (partenaire from French, English partnership) is a comparison of different parts (public or private, economic and social forces) on the implementation of measures aimed at economic development, territorial development and social integration.

Regarding the economic-business side, we can say that it is in kind of activity where skilled labor is by far the most important factor of production, as is the case in professional activities (lawyers, consultants, ..). For these activities, the capital is a secondary asset.

The term refers to the relationships that are needed, similar to the twinning between cities.

It is a method widely used at Community level, inspired by the importance that these treaties assign to the role of civil society organizations. Consistent with this approach, and formalizing a practice and a common sense already widespread, the European Commission considers the "participation" among the basic principles of good governance in the European Union. According to the White Paper on Governance.

In fact, the quality, relevance and effectiveness of EU policies depend from the large investment that will ensure throughout their journey, from conception to implementation. According to this approach, the involvement of civil society "organized" makes essentially the best policies, and more visible to European citizens the effectiveness of the responses that the European institutions and national damage to their needs. This setting has become heritage of the Community institutions, which place it at the base of future policies. The primary objective of having a good governance as a precondition for the effectiveness of European policies was, in fact, recently reaffirmed by the setting of the Europe 2020 strategy document for smart, sustainable and inclusive European Union.