Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Paramecium

The Paramecium

The Paramecium is a kind of completely ciliated protists. The term "eyelashes" have the paramecium with some other individual learning together that counts is traditionally one of the ciliates
Paramecium only lives in fresh water.

 They come in waters such as Pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, but also in puddles before. Thus, they are an important part of the ecosystem "freshwater". Paramecium are a common ciliates. Paramecium forms unlike many other unicellular no cysts as resting stages.

There are different types of paramecium, Paramecium caudatum, for example, Paramecium bursaria, Paramecium putrinum or trichium and others. Paramecium has their elastic skin, which hardly allows variation, a fixed slipper-shaped appearance. You using from 0.05 to 0.32 mm long. The largest species is one of the "giants" among the protozoa, as they are already seen in a drop of water to the naked eye as small white dots.