Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Study At Sweden


If you are going to study at a Swedish educational institution for more than 3 months, you must  have to apply for a residence permit for studies. During Rises studying for three months, you should apply for a visa.

You must show that you have money for your support throughout your scheduled study time, ie the corresponding 7 300 SEK / month for 10 months per year. For example, by submitting a certificate from the bank, you confirm that you have such financial means.
What is required for a residence permit application must be complete?

1. Completed application (a special form No. 104031 or 105031 in duplicate). The forms must be completed in English or Swedish.

2. Foreign Passport and copy of the ID page of passport (two copies).

3. Admission decision (+ copy).

4. Purchase fee (note that those who received a scholarship from the Swedish Institute or another
Swedish organization for studies in Sweden, is exempt from the fee).

5. Comprehensive sickness insurance cover in Sweden if you will be studying for less than one year at university / college.