Thursday, 19 February 2015

Study At China


To apply for a student visa is necessary to have been admitted to a Chinese school and received the acceptance letter along with the application form corresponding visa, JW201 or JW202 called, depending on the case. To start the process, we would go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate and submit relevant documents requested depending on the country of origin.

Normally, you must submit a recent photograph, a passport valid for at least six months at the time of the application, original and copy of the letter of admission to relevant, original and copy of the completed visa application called correctly and Foreigner Physical Examination Record for Foreigners Medical Report or studies. In any case, recommend contacting the embassy to have complete assurance what procedures we follow are and what is the cost of the visa

International students need to submit documentation of their health status. They must submit a medical report and the results of a blood test both your visa application and arrival in China, where they must submit two reports to the quarantine office for proper verification. Those who do not meet the medical requirements will have to retake the exam.