Friday, 20 February 2015

Study At Belgium


A stay of more than 90 days is considered long stay. In this case, a national visa must be requested. The treatment period is in most cases several months. The city administration in Belgium, changed the visa for residence permit at the time the student reaches Belgium and register. With a short-stay visa can not acquire a residence permit.

1. Information on some documents to Colombian applicants for long-stay visa

Any document civilian: birth certificate or marriage registration.

Certificate of Legal History (this document is downloaded from the website of the National Police of Colombia)

Authorization departure of a minor

Of-court statement (statement of cohabitation, statement of economic dependence, etc.)

Any document issued by Colombian authorities require apostille apostille translation and translation.

Translation and apostille documents issued by Colombian authorities takes place in the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

These documents are translated into French, Dutch or German.

The list of official translators is on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.