Saturday, 7 February 2015

Magnetic Flux


In physics, in particular in the magnetism, the magnetic flux is the magnetic flux through a surface, a scalar that depends on the angle of incidence of the field lines, the value of the magnetic permeability and the area of the surface itself. Is often referred to in the formulas with the Greek letter \ Phi_B, and the SI unit is the Wb. It is a quantity that appears in many areas of electromagnetism, for example, the change of magnetic flux through the surface bounded by a closed electrical circuit causes the appearance of an electromotive force in the circuit (Faraday's law).

it is possible to determine for each of these component B_ \ perp of the magnetic field vector B perpendicular to the surface at the position of the card in question. It is therefore B_ \ perp = B \ cos \ alpha, where \ alpha indicates the angle between \ B and the surface normal. In general, this component varies for each point of the surface.