Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Argon Gas


Argon is a naturally occurring element with the element symbol Ar and atomic number 18. In the periodic table it is having an atomic mass of 39.948 u in the 8th main group. The William Ramsay in 1895 discovered chemical element is not radioactive and is located at room temperature in a gaseous state.

Characteristics:                argon (argon gas.)


Name:                               Argon
Symbol:                            Ar
Rank:                                 18
Group:                               noble gas group
Period:                               3
Block:                                p-block
Series:                               noble gases
Appearance:                    colorless
Discoverer:                      William Ramsay
Date of Discovery:       1895

Atomic Properties

Atomic mass:                39.948 u
Atomic radius:               ??? pm
Covalent radius:            106 pm
Van der Waals radius: 188 pm
Electron configuration: [Ne] 3s2 3p6
Ionization energy:           1520.8 kJ / mol

Physical Properties

State of matter:                gas
Density:                             ???
Crystal structure:            cubic
Magnetism:                      diamagnetic
Molar volume:                 22.56 • 10-6 m3 / mol
Mohs hardness:                /
Melting point:                -189 ° C
Boiling point:                -186 ° C
Heat of fusion                1.18 kJ / mol
Heat of vaporization:   6.52 kJ / mol
Thermal conductivity: 0.017 W
Electronegativity:          unknown