Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wind Electricity


Wind energy is energy generated by the use of the wind. Since ancient times, this type of energy has been used by humans, mainly to boost vessels develop navigation and windmills.

At present, wind power, is considered an important source of energy because it is a clean energy source that generates no pollution and does not harm the environment. Large turbines or wind turbines are placed in open areas where you can get a lot of wind. And through the movement captured by a generator, can generate electricity. Currently, only 1% of the energy generated in the world comes from this source of wind energy. However, the potential for exploitation is great. At present, global wind power capacity of 238.4 GW (gig watts).

The countries that generate more wind power are: Italy (6700 MW), China (62,700 MW) France (6800 MW), UK (6500 MW), Canada (5200 MW), United States (46,900 MW), Portugal (4000 MW), Germany (29,000 MW), , Spain (21,600 MW), and India (16,000 MW).