Thursday, 29 January 2015

What Is Chemical Engineering?

chemical engineering

Chemical Engineering is a discipline historically developed for the chemical industry. This specialization ensures the implementation of the material transformation processes (physical or chemical).

These processing operations are common to other sectors, its field has naturally expanded energy, aerospace, cosmetics, food, water treatment...

This evolving discipline was then renamed "Chemical Engineering - Process Engineering" and it combines subjects like chemistry, fluid mechanics, thermal, automation ... General diagram of a process.

green Chemistry
The chemical industry increasingly limit the impact of its activities on the environment
Its action is to anticipate the European environmental guidelines and government that impose strong constraints (discharge standards more stringent). This necessarily requires the development of new processes or environmentally

The hCG-GP technician works in all sectors and not just heavy chemicals or petrochemicals. Eg automotive, aerospace, environment, bio-technology, renewable energy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food.