Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Types And Forms of Communication


I) Verbal communication:

This form of communication means that is being communicated in writing or orally. Use is made of spoken or written language
Written communication is cheaper when there is a large group of people needs to be addressed.
Verbal communication is used faster during a one on one conversation.

II) Non-verbal communication:
This type of communication means that is communicated without speaking. For example through posture, eye contact and gestures people make or body language.

Non-verbal communication can be divided into two parts namely:
Conscious non-verbal and non-intentional communication

III) Vocal communication
Vocal Communication means that all forms of communication to be made by the use of the voice.

IV) Non-vocal communication
Non-vocal communication is communication with touch, taste and smell, and even body language.


There are five forms of communication.

I) Information: 
General communication. For example, how the bus departs.

II) Information: 
Conscious data communications. For example communication about what should be done if an accident happened.

III) Public relations:
communication between an organization and its publics.

IV) Advertising:
Communication with the aim of strengthening a brand. Remember the commercials Anderson. They buy a piece of airtime so that their shampoo is purchased.

V) Propaganda:
Communication aimed at conveying ideas. The objective is to convince people. Think of the political parties have to convince everyone the purpose of their ideal.