Monday, 19 January 2015

The Value Of Chemistry In Everyday Life


In everyday life we encounter on a daily basis with the products of the chemical industry. Now household chemicals - is an independent industry. Every year the world produces about 30 million. Tons of household chemicals. This detergents, disinfectants, care for furniture and flooring, to control insects and plant protection agents for whitening, starch, various paints, glues, cosmetic, etc ..

In everyday life, widely adopted detergents. They belong to the surfactants and successfully remove dirt from the surface of tissues. Depending on the purpose of the synthetic detergents include various alkaline additives: sodium silicate, sodium phosphates, sodium carbonate, which facilitate washing cotton and linen fabrics, nylon. But these detergents cannot be used for washing wool and Dacron, since they are gradually destroyed by an alkaline medium. For such products used detergents that create a water neutral.

Some detergents contain bleach destroying dirt resistant, due to which the tissue acquires a gray or yellow. Bleach Sodium perforate can be NaBO3 • 4H2O Na2O2 sodium peroxide and hydrogen peroxide H2O2.

To clean the dishes, bowls in detergents often introduced solid inert substance - abrasives that facilitate mechanical destruction of solid contaminants.

Chemistry produces a wide range of personal care products, perfumes and cosmetics, insecticides, bucks and much more.