Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Potential Energy

potintial energy

The potential energy is the energy, which is defined by its current configuration in itself or its position in a force field will. The SI unit of potential energy is the joule (symbol J unit). A body may, depending on its location,
 For example, a gravitational field or an electric field have different potential energy.

Potential energy is, for example, the energy that a body has its elevated location: If a stone falls from height of 20 meters, it has double the capacity for work than at 10 meter height of fall. During If the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy or other forms of energy and reduced. In hydro power plants can convert potential energy of the water of a reservoir into electrical energy.

Like other forms of energy, the potential energy is a state variable of a physical system. In a closed system, the potential energy as conditions change while increasing or decreasing, such as displacement of the body, at its height, change or excitation of an atom by radiation. Because of the principle of conservation of energy then takes but another form of energy (eg. As kinetic energy, electric field energy) to the same extent from.