Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Study Visa For Pairs

Study visa for pairs

The different categories of existing visas can cover all applications for international students wishing to go to France. Cultural services of embassies and the Centres for Studies in France (CEF) are overseeing the academic project of the international student. Consular services are liable for dispensation the visa application according to rules. Here is difference between short student visas and long-stay.

I. The short-stay visas for studies

1. The short-stay visa for studies

This visa allow to study in France for a period not exceeding three months. Students wishing to follow a language teaching or other short-term training can apply for this visa that exempts its holder to residence in the country and is not renewable.

2. The visa "student-examination"

This visa allows the holder to attend an interview or an entrance examination in a public or private institution of higher education. If successful, the student may request, without returning to their country of origin, a residence of one year, at the prefecture.

II. The long-stay student visa

1. Along temporary stay student visa

This visa allows the holder to take three to six months of schooling in a public or private institution of higher education. It is not renewable and exempts the residence permit holder during his studies in France. The holder can stay more than six months in the country.

2. The long-stay student visa

This visa is granted to foreign students wishing to continue their education in a public or private higher education institution for more than six months. It entitles the holder to request within two months of his arrival in France, a residence of one year to the prefecture of his place of residence.

- For more information, see the section: Coming to France - Formalities for entry into France.