Thursday, 22 January 2015

Study In Canada For Italian Students


Documents required to enter Canada without a visa:

- Passport valid for at least six months

- Ticket round trip *

- Evidence that enrollment in a university or a school that is located in Canada *

- Documents proving that the student is in possession of the necessary requirements to stay in Canada *

* These documents may be obtained at the border or at the airport at the discretion of the competent authorities

Documents required to take courses of study with a duration of more than six months:

Release time: 1 months

- Passport valid for at least six months

- Two passport photos

- Application form of study permit

- Family information form (click here to download)

- Letter of acceptance of the university or institution where you intend to study

- Documents proving that the student is in possession of the economic requirements needed to stay in Canada. These documents may be requested (the consulate will tell you what documents are needed for your specific case):

· Bank statement for the last 3 months (the applicant or a family member)
· Savings
· Copies of contracts relating to real property
· Documents proving that the student has a scholarship
· Canadian bank account made payable to the student

- Certified criminal of all countries where the student has resided for more than 6 months after the age of eighteen years of age

- Proof of legal custody (only for students under age)

- Certificate of acceptance of Quebec (only for those who wish to study in Quebec, click here to visit the website of the Ministry of Immigration)