Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Study At New Zealand

New zealand

To take only one course of less than three months (Eg an English course at a language school), the tourist visa conditions apply, ie passport holders are exempt from visa for a stay of less than three months. This also applies to elementary school students in high school, and those who go through a formal exchange if the duration of study is less than three months.

For one (or more) during more than three months, and official exchanges of more than three months, you must apply for a student visa ("student visa") after you choose your program, received confirmation of the registration for the court of your choice and set tuition. You must attach a copy of such confirmations to your visa application, and a financial guarantee (INZ 1014). The student visa will be issued for the period of study.

Since you will not be covered by the New Zealand social security, you must confirm that your normal social insurance will cover you in NZ. Otherwise, you must take out health insurance / disability / hospitalization / repatriation. Check with your travel agent or your usual insurer.