Saturday, 31 January 2015

Study At Australia


To go to study in Australia at one of Australia's schools or the various prestigious universities in Australia you need to gather a lot of information.

To study in Australia you must have a student visa (student visa for Australia), which may include the entire family of the applicant (spouse / partner and children). Visas for study are temporary visas.

The duration of the visa to Australia for study varies depending on the length of the chosen course.
With the support of our advice will be easy to quickly find all the necessary information on what you need to do to apply for a student visa to Australia.

You can apply for the student visa (student visa Australia) if you already have 16 years and if you intend to follow English courses in Australia (such as General Ingles, courses for IELTS or Cambridge, Business Ingles, Ingles Academic ...); study at a university in Australia to achieve a bachelor, masters or phd in Australia or attend professional courses in Australia.

To request the student visa Australia you must be in possession of the Confirmation of enrollment (COE), the document certifying the enrollment complete with information on the duration of the studies, which must at least 12 weeks and not exceed 50.

Before starting it is advisable to request activation of health coverage. It is not automatically included with the student visa (student visa Australia).