Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Role Of Calcuim In Human Body


Process of transformation of calcium, chemical element of fundamental importance for the human organism, in which it is present in abundance, since it performs functions of mechanical support in the bone tissue in the tissues of the tooth and its presence is also essential for the activity of enzymes and for the normal unfolding of various functions, such as muscle contraction by mediating the release of acetylcholine and therefore the transmission of the pulse. 

The transmission of nerve impulses, clotting .The vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium through the intestinal mucosa and favors the deposition of calcium salts in the bone tissue other vitamins that interfere in the metabolism of c. are vitamin A and vitamin C. In pathological conditions, a decrease in the concentration of calcium ions in the plasma leads to an increase of the neuromuscular excitability and a syndrome called tetania.