Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Robert Boyle


(1627/01/25 to 1691/12/30)

He was Irish Mathematician and scientist, He was born on January 25, 1627 in Lismore, Ireland. He belonged to the Royal Society.

He started his Education at Eton in 1835. Later he traveled throughout Europe. In 1656 he lived in Oxford where he collaborated with Robert Hooke.

He made important contributions to physics and chemistry, but he is famous for Boyle's law. In that law Robert Boyle described the ideal gas. This law was published in the appendix of his written work in 1661.

He was the first to use the term "Chemical Analysis" in its present meaning.
It is well known the law: "At temperatures equal volumes of gases are inversely proportional to the pressure." In his book Sceptical Chemist (1661).

He believes that matter was composed of corpuscles which were built differently on different configurations of primary particles.

Robert Boyle died on December 30, 1691 in London.