Saturday, 24 January 2015

Properties of Carbon


relative atomic mass : 12.0107 g / mol
Rank : 6
Melting point : 3652 ° C
Boiling point : 4827 ° C
Oxidation numbers : 4, 2, -4
Density : 2.26 g / cm³
Electronegativity (Pauling) : 2.5
Electron configuration : (He) 2s2 2p2

Physical Properties of carbon:

Natural carbon is a mixture of the carbon isotope 12C (98.89%), 13C (1.11%), 14C (only in trace amounts). 14C is often used as a radioactive indicator in biology for the investigation of metabolic processes. Carbon can come out in two modifications. For one, as hexagonal and electrically conductive graphite and secondly as cubic crystalline diamond.

Chemical properties of carbon:

Carbon is a very unreactive element. It reacts at room temperature only with fluorine. At higher temperatures, however, forms of compounds having a plurality of elements. Of particular importance of the carbon is in organic chemistry, as it is able to form single, double and triple bonds with itself. Thus, it can form carbon chains and rings.