Monday, 26 January 2015

Plasma 4th State of Matter


Three states of matter are widely known, the fourth state, plasma, remains mysterious and unknown to most people, however, the plasma as the fourth state of matter is essential to the existence of life.
Applying heat to a solid that it becomes liquid, that is melted, if it is followed by applying heat the liquid changes to gas and finally some electrons from atoms or neutral gas molecules emerge, forming a mixture of ions positively charged and negatively charged electrons.

The spectacular rays are an example of plasma 

When the gas is ionized, their properties have been altered so that bears little similarity to the other states of matter, for this reason it is considered that state of ionized gas as the fourth state of matter called plasma.

The sun is a good example of

Plasma characteristics are unique as it is the only state of matter that interacts with the environment, with the magnetic and electric field, and himself. The plasma state has a basic property of almost electrical neutrality, the number of positive and negative charges in the plasma are practically equal.