Wednesday, 21 January 2015



According to the dictionary definition language is the ability to express themselves and communicate their man through a system of symbols, particularly of vocal signs and graphics, verbal and non verbeale. Often the term "language" refers generally to a communication system: for example "animal language", "body language", "computer language", "language of flowers".

We can distinguish between formal and informal language.

The formal language uses clear and no ambiguity, that does not make you a question that you attribute more meanings. This language uses the logical connectives. 

The formal language can be used in different contexts:

For example

In computer science, mathematics, engineering, medicine and related disciplines may indicate a notation or formalism with syntax and semantics defined precisely (often mathematical / formal) and, in many cases, such as to allow some form of automatic processing of language itself (for example, programming languages); 

The informal language instead is a more ambiguous language in which an expression can have several meanings, may therefore be subject to multiple interpretations. It is a language that is not bound by rules, is more familiar, simple and confidential.