Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was a vital character in the history of science, especially in mathematics and physics. He was born in 1643, in a little town of England, in same year of the death of the most famous Scientist Galileo Galilei, Newton was a very genius from his childhood.

He studied philosophy, theology, alchemy, astrology, astronomy & other branches of science. He, along with several other scientists and philosophers of the time, believed that the study and understanding these sciences is of natural phenomena.

Newton was famous to all his efforts, research and investigations conducted. The experimental investigations were full of mathematical rigor, and became truly a research model for the sciences of later centuries. In the middle of many works that Isaac Newton developed, such as:

  • The expansion of the power series of a pair, which is well known as the binomial name of Newton;
  • The creation and development of differential calculus and integral calculus, which is a very important tool for the study of physics.
  • The theory of the optical phenomena with the aim of made possible the amplification of the theory of color bodies;
  • \The study about the laws of motion, 
  • \The development of the initial thoughts of Universal Gravitation.