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Definition of Hypothesis:

It is a proposition that establish relationship between facts. It is a possible solution to the problem. "The hypothesis is a proposition, condition or principle which assumes certainty in order to derive its logical consequences with facts,

Hypothesis is a method of verify to other researchers. Therefore, it is fundamental and primary a tool for checking assumptions with reality.

Importance of hypothesis:

The assumptions are the contact point between theory and observation. When the research hypothesis has been well developed, and in their relationship or link between two or more variables can be clearly seen, it is viable that the researcher can:

Prepare for the target or set of targets you want to achieve in the development of research.

Select the type of research design possible with the problem.

Select the method, tools and research techniques consult with the problem to be solved.

Select the resources, both human and material, to be used to bring to the proposed of research.

Classification of Hypothesis:
The hypothesis is classified according to the coexistence of each other

General hypothesis: when is broadly respond to questions that the researcher has about the relationship between the variables.

Statistical hypothesis: the statistical hypothesis is that hypotheses tested and operational assumptions expressed as mathematical equations.

Specific hypothesis: students of language and communication get this for subproject, comprehensive education program, trained in study skills, improve their learning techniques.

Null hypothesis: (X1) = (X2); there is no relationship in the averages obtained by students trained in 
study skills (X1) and untrained (X2)

Alternative Hypothesis: X1> X2; students undergoing training in processing techniques summary (X1) obtained better average performance than students who did not receive any training (X2).

Difficulties in Developing Hypothesis:
The hypothesis is arduous; difficult to accomplish this difficulty usually comes from circumstances such as:

A little clear statement of the research problem

Lack of knowledge of the theoretical framework of research

Lack of ability to develop, and use the theoretical reference

Requirements for the development of hypotheses:
The formulation of hypotheses is a task that is achieved when it meets certain requirements, including
Formulated clear terms, using precise words that do not lead to multiple interpretations, the clarity with which are formulated is critical.Having an empirical reference, this means it can be verifiable.