Wednesday, 14 January 2015

History of Atom


John Dalton was the 1st scientist he gave the idea of the atom as being the building block or smallest unit. Since the introduction of this theory, the huge number of scientists followed that and came out, with the thought of existing tiny particles. Afterward, with the development of new scientific tricks, it was proved by the John Dalton in the 19th century.

He took a long time to prove his theory.

Dalton developed the idea of the atom, but he had no sure idea that what role it played in nature or in another object. It has general idea, was that the atom is the smallest part of any matter.

+ve and -ve charged electrons

Many scientists, along to geographical distance, worked on those theories about the smaller particles, with positive and negative particles that keep the matter together. These positive and negatively charged particles, which are now known as protons and electrons, were only recognized after the discovery of the atom.

But here the history of the atom goes back even further

Latin scientists, Democritus and Leucippus have independently developed the thought of an atom & named it “Atom”, a Latin word which means unbreakable. That’s why; the history of atom goes as back in the fourth century B.C.