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Higher Education in Italy.

Higher Education in Italy.
Type of institutions
Higher education institutes at university level contain the following two main categories:
- Universities,
- AFAM (High level of arts).

Universities offers courses of studies, here we defined the names of the most common types of securities and their relevant degrees or academic qualifications.
There are three main cycles in universities.

First cycle:
Bachelor’s Degree (CL / CL3) credits in three years
Degrees and Titles
Bachelor’s Degree (L / L3) - Doctor

Second cycle:
 M. Sc (CLS) in two years
M. Sc (CLM), 120 ECTS in two years
M. Sc in one cycle (CLSu), 300-360 ECTS in 5-6 years
Advanced degrees in 1 cycle (CLMu), 360 ECTS in 5-6 years
Courses Master of first level (CMU.1), 60 ECTS in one year

Degrees and Titles
M. Sc (LS) – Medicine masterful
M. Sc (LM) - Medicine masterful
One-cycle (LSU) - Medicine masterful
Master in single-cycle (LMU) - Medicine masterful

Third round:
PhD, 3 year studies and research
Master 2nd level, 60 ECTS credits in one year
Postgraduate Diploma- Specialist

B) Institutions of AFAM
The institutions of (AFAM) Higher Education in Art and Music are biased on teaching, production and research in the field of visual art (music, dance, drama and design).
Over all in Italy, there are 132 institutions of AFAM
In institutions of AFAM, also three cycles,

First Cycle:
1. The first one consists of diploma courses, those are accessed throughout the diploma of secondary education or another qualification and an entry test. Last three years of course are given to the issuance of 180 credits (CFA), with the law of ensuring satisfactory of creative skills.

Second Cycle:
Second cycle depends on the Academic Diploma second level, those are accessed through the educational degree of first level or a different condition obtained. It is essential that the acquired education is constant and ample to the second level course and is assessed by examination. They last two years are provide to the issuance of 120 credits (CFA).

Third Cycle: 

3. The third cycle consists of the graduate academic research training, accessed with the educational degree of second level or other foreign ability acknowledged as comparable. The Goal of providing these courses is improving the skills, planning and accomplishment of activities of excellence research.