Thursday, 22 January 2015


gravitational force

Between two bodies an attractive force called gravity, which depends on their masses and separation between the two appears. The gravitational force decreases with the square of the distance, ie to increase the separation force value decreases squared.

The gravitational force is calculated as:

F= G*mm/r

G = Constant of universal gravitation. Is a value that does not depend on mass or bodies.


The weight is a gravitational force exerted by the acceleration of the Earth (or another planet). Unlike the weight mass depends on the severity and distance to which the body is located.

Weight is a force and Newton's second law is calculated as mass times acceleration, with the same corresponding to the gravity of the earth and therefore we call it "g" instead of "a".

P = m g

m = Mass
g = acceleration of gravity
P = weight in newtons.

Weight is a force exerted on different bodies as every force has its reaction torque, which in the case of weight; this pair is in the earth.