Thursday, 15 January 2015

Famous German Universities


Germany has a particularly strong educational background and large number of universities with long history. However, that may be not so easy to determine which university is the most famous.

The most famous universities in the UK or the US elite universities, only the best (or most) students can study there. In Germany this elite system is much less pronounced. Well-known universities are rarely specialized but "full universities," where studies are available in all areas. Each university has its strengths and weaknesses and is famous for research priorities. In recent years, attempts to determine the best universities by means of an excellence program

  • The oldest university of Germany (the Heidelberg University): 

The Heidelberg University is the oldest university in Germany founded in 1386. In 16th century, this university was the center of humanism. Today the University of Heidelberg is best known for her excellent programs and research in the field of life sciences and Biology. 55 Nobel Prize winners stand in relation to the University of Heidelberg, the famous writer Joseph von Eichendorff and well known political philosopher Hannah Arendt studied here.

  • Goethe and the University of Leipzig

This University has benefited from its historical value. The famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe studied here. A focal point, for which the University has special reputation, is the area of communication and media studies.

  • The capital and Universities

Berlin has a total 4 universities; two of them head a special reputation. The Humboldt University in Berlin was constructed to Humboldt's educational ideal, which is in favor of a strong general education. The Humboldt University became the first university in a whole new type. Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Heinrich Heine have studied here.

Stands to the Free University of Berlin in a little competition, she is a young and modern university; it was founded in 1948. In particular, the social sciences are in a very good light. Many later politicians and ministers such as Mr. Annette Schavan, Rudi Dutschke or some RAF Mitlgieder studied here.

Finally, include the Technical University of Munich's most famous universities Germany. The university is very specialized, there are only technical studies such as science and engineering offered. The biochemist and Nobel laureate Konrad Emil Bloch is a graduate of the Technical University.