Friday, 30 January 2015

Discoveries Of Marconi


Marconi, born into a wealthy family from father and Irish mother Emilia, had schooling very irregular; a mixture of private tutors-teachers took turns to regular school, which are always popular with little profit, with the result that in twenty years had not generated any diploma.

In August 1895, after a series of positive results, Marconi sends his brother, accompanied by a farmer, in a farmhouse mail, over a hill, over a kilometer from the villa Griffone where Marconi did his experiments; is known to all the legend of the rifle shot (however, it seems that it was never fired) [10] that crowned the success of the first transmission between two points of sight between them.

Marconi offered his invention to the Minister of Posts and Telegraphs, on. Sinco, the answer to which was so doubtful as to require a new meeting of our little family council." then decided to go, accompanied by his mother, England (February 1896). Marconi's mother, who had many friends in London, managed to get her son by chief of the department of Post telegraphic English. 

Marconi was perfectly conscious of having put in place an invention whose reflections were prominent commercial and then June 2, 1896 introduced the Patent Office in London the question of patent Wireless Telegraphy which was released the following year. In the same year he founded the Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company Ltd and continued in experiments by improving the equipment and allowing them to make connections between places more and more distant from each other.

In July 1897, the Minister of the Navy invites Italian Marconi in Italy that will perform a series of experiments in front of groups of engineers and scientists and before King Umberto and Queen. It 'a triumph, in just over a year the name of Marconi is popular; is now a famous man, rich and on the crest of success. In La Spezia aboard R.N. San Martino makes transmissions at a distance of 18 km; then back to London where Lloyds ask him to install transmitters in all their stations on vessels is the first big deal of Wireless Telegraph.

Now the Telegraphy without Wires (TSF) has become a reality in all countries of the world. In France Doucette makes a connection between the Eiffel Tower and the Pantheon (just over four kilometers) with equipment built on projects of Russian AS Popov.