Sunday, 18 January 2015

Concept of force

Concept of force

Experience shows that a body initially latch is set in motion without the intervention of an external cause. This cause is, in general, by a force applied to the body in question.

The forces occur so as first of all causes of motion. But it is not said that a body to which a force is applied is always put in motion: this will be done in general only when the body is actually free to move, that is when no constraints exist capable of neutralizing the effect of a force applied.

For example

All the bodies as a result of their weight tend to move vertically downwards. The weight of a body is thus a force. However, if the body is laid on a table, is backed by our hands, etc., that is bound, not moving. Thus one can say that the effect of a force is to put in motion the body to which it is applied, or to produce a deformation of the constraints that prevent the body to move.

Having defined the concepts of location, time, mass, and strength, can be stated, the fundamental problem of the mechanical system to predict the motion of a body or of a system of bodies are known when the forces on it agents.