Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bone Care


Many people think first of all of calcium when it comes to doing something for their bones. And all too often, the bone Care exhausted in taking any calcium preparation or in excessive milk consumption. Strong bones, however, need a lot more than calcium. Worse! Who consumes much calcium can sometimes weaken the bones, instead of strengthening it.

Bones need magnesium

The organism builds bones are not limited to calcium. He needs to also a variety of minerals and trace elements such. As zinc, boron and copper. A particularly important for bone mineral is further

Comprises magnesium.

Calcium is effective only with magnesium
Magnesium is absolutely essential for many body functions. One of his most important roles is that of the co-factor for calcium. This means that calcium can only be properly utilized when magnesium is present.

Bones need vitamin K

Vitamin K is also actively involved in bone formation. It was under his influence can be formed in the bone protein osteocalcin that which binds calcium and is responsible for skeletal development.

Bones need sun

Vitamin D is for bone metabolism of paramount importance. With the diet, only a negligible fraction of the vitamin D requirement can be met.

But the human body is set up so that one hand he can make vitamin D with the help of sunlight in the skin itself and that he on the other hand has a memory mechanism that allows him theoretically to store vitamin D through the winter and therefore low light months. So anyone who wants to take care of an adequate and above all natural vitamin D supply that uses this natural sunlight - without sunscreen.